Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy" Garth Brooks

Here are some of the last things I bought these past weeks: so first, my new iPhone case. I bought it when I was in Paris two weeks ago at the Karl Lagerfeld Store. I love it!

I also bought a new keychain at the Karl Lagerfeld Store (I told you previously I bought the whole boutique, haha).

Small "what's in my bag" session: first, my umbrella, that's soooo necessary here in Belgium. Then, my sunnies, Alexander McQueen, new ones from Paris. A small Marc by Marc Jacobs kit where I pull all the little things I don't want to loose in my big bag. My Marc by Marc Jacobs mirror, an essential. My iPhone, tissues, hair brush, my keys, and my beloved Chanel "La fascinante" lipstick. Finally, I have my hand cream, my Balenciaga wallet and my agenda.

I'm so in love with my bag, godness I know it's too much! Haha but I'm sure you can understand that crazyness!

The best invention of the last centuries: with that special thing, you don't have to put your bag on the floor anymore! Genius, esspecially when you are on a terrace! You just put it on the edge of the table and hang your bag on that. 

Of course, my new Diptyque candle from Paris. They smell sooo goood!

Yaaaaaaaay, finally I've got my new Ain't Laurent without Yves sweater!!! I was dying for it since so long ! I love it, can't wait to wear it and show you the total look! Here you can also spot my new fragrance: Dot from Marc Jacobs.

My new addiction: sweaters, sweaters, sweaters! Always sweaters! Here are those I owned: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ain't Laurent without Yves, Kenzo Tiger Fever, Essentiel fluo yellow, Paris n°1 from Mango, and Homies.

Say hello to my little limited edition Karl Lagerfeld statue! You probably guessed I'm in love with that guy...

My favorite nailpolish for this summer: Délice from Dior. I'm always wearing that one for weeks and I love it so much! The color is just sooo beautiful!


  1. ooohmy...
    really so so so jealous!
    god I want like everything you have here!


  2. ohhmygawd that bag and that statement necklace! Loveee it! And yeahh Karl Lagerfeld is just awesome, know the addiction haha!

    Oh btw i've just followed your blog with that google thing at the right! :) Hope you'll follow me back at mine? http://baluzgirl.blogspot.nl

    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

  3. J'adore le concept "What's in my bag?" :D